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Don't throw away that stained garment! Our Super Stain Stick is fantastic. Takes out the toughest stains even after washing and drying.

Works on grass, blood, beet juice, grease, grime, ink, and more. (There must be something it won't touch, but we haven't found it yet.) Let us know your success stories.

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Best stain soap EVER

Posted by ET, 21st Jun 2015
I have been using this soap for years to get absolutely any stain out of clothing. Having two young kids, there is rarely an article of clothing that doesn't need some treatment before washing! I use this soap on everything from blueberries to grease to dirt and it gets it out every time.

Awesome little cleaner

Posted by Kristine Glace, 16th Oct 2014
Spilled cofffee in bed ugh!! Stain stick rescued everything including the carpet. Rub and rinse.

Ultimate Stain Stick

Posted by Liz, 7th May 2013
This stain stick gets out any stain! I have used it on berries, baby stains, grease, everything and it works every time. I can't live without it!!

Works great

Posted by wisconsinlover:), 29th Jun 2012
This stain stick works great! I've used it on three tshirts already and it works!

Great for Baby stains

Posted by Becca, 22nd Oct 2011
I have used this soap for all of my daughter's dirty clothes. It gets out all the stains and even those when her diaper did not contain the mess. I am almost out and will be ordering more soon.


Posted by undefined, 9th Dec 2010
I canned pickled red beets and got the juice on my white apron. Before I washed it I rubbed it with the stain stick and everything came out. That is a tough stain and it really worked!!
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