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Solid shampoo and shaving cream! Great idea. Saves bottles, no spills. Just rub the bar over your wet hair and great lather happens. Rich and creamy, won't strip out your natural oils. Leaves hair soft and silky.

For shaving, you don't need a cup and brush. Just rub the bar between your hands to create a rich lather, then massage into your beard. The greatest shave ever! No sodium lauryl sulfate or any of its nasty cousins. Made with all vegetable oils.

  • Rosemary Mint Shampoo/Shave bar uses Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils.
  • Sea Breeze is a light, clean ocean scent.
  • Bay Rum is a heavenly blend of Lavender, Patchouli, Cinnamon and Clove essential oils.
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only soap we use!

Posted by Sara, 9th Jan 2016
My husband has sworn this is the best soap he has ever used to shave his head. He has turned many other bald gentleman on to your product and I have also become a believer as I now use it while shaving. The scents are great and our skin is always so smooth and soft after using the shaving bars! We recommend this product to friends and family constantly.

Great fragrances

Posted by Alexandra, 10th Nov 2015
I bought the shaving soap for Christmas gifts. The fragrances are wonderful. I am sure the men on my Christmas list will love the shaving soap.

best shaving soap ever

Posted by Brent Ferguson, 18th May 2015
For anyone that is bald, buy this soap, it is way better than anything I have ever tried for shaving with a razor.

Love the shave soaps!!

Posted by Amy S., 24th Feb 2015
I started using the shave soaps in 2013 and haven't gone back. Love all the scents, and the product is consistent among the scents. Shipping was incredible, I received my order in a matter of a few days.

Great shave

Posted by Stan, 28th Nov 2014
I not only shave my beard but head as well. After showering I create lather as instructed and apply to my head and face. The blade glides smoothly and cleanly. Afterward my head and face feels smooth and enriched. I'm giving bars to my male children with instructions.

Great products, great service

Posted by Kathy, 21st Dec 2013
All of my recent order will be for gifts. I wanted to get away from gift cards so my nieces and nephews will get great handmade soaps. I am hopeful they will become repeat customers. The website is great and the shipping was very fast.
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