Indonesian flower, favorite of Cleopatra for scenting her milk baths. You too can be a princess. Indulge yourself, it's an affordable luxury.

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Patchouli Soap

Posted by undefined, 12th Jan 2018
This is the best patchouli soap. It has a great fragrance. It does not over power. It works for me.

Patchouli Soap Rocks!

Posted by Rich Gorlewski, 28th Sep 2015
This is my favorite. The scent is subtle and does not overpower. It has that hidden element to it. It is very smooth.

Smells amazing!

Posted by undefined, 5th Feb 2015
This is my first time trying Patchouli scent. It smells amazing but is not overpowering. My whole family was loving the scent after my shower :).
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