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Dogs have skin problems too! Our all natural pet soap is the solution. Synthetic detergents can cause itching and scratching that often baffles the experts. The solution is not more 'medicated' soap, or other medicines. Just stop using shampoos that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or any of its numerous cousins. These foaming agents are potent skin irritants and are very hard to rinse out of your pet's coat.

Instead, use our special bar soap made just for pets. It contains seaweed and oatmeal which are healing and soothing. We add cocoa butter for emollience and four essential oils that help repel insects. (Peppermint, patchouli, lavender & tea tree oil.)

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Great Soap for Golden Retrievers Bouffant

Posted by Felecity, 1st Dec 2016
We will never use another soap on our golden. If you own a golden, you know how hard it is to get their hair wet and keep it wet. This is an excellent soap that helps break down that oil on their hair. Also love the smell that lasts for weeks!! Two very enthusiastic paws up for this product!

Great for my dog!

Posted by undefined, 27th Jun 2016
A friend brought us this soap after a trip to Door County. I bathe our dog more than average because he does a fair amount of pet therapy visits and needs to be clean prior to each appointment. This soap is easier on his coat, lathers wonderfully, smells great and he actually liked baths a bit better now thanks to this wonderful options! Will be using more and giving as a gift to my dog loving friends!

The only soap I'll use on my dog

Posted by Amy, 5th Feb 2015
Came upon this soap at a Door County Farmers market a few years ago. I have never used another product on my dog. It lathers great, a bar is so much easier to use than a bottle of shampoo, it rinses super clean and she smells great for days and days. Don't ever stop making this one!

Logan Creek Pet Soap - It is awesome!!

Posted by Cindy, 4th Nov 2014
I first discovered this soap some years back when "sniffing" my neighbor's dog that smelled delicious. She told me where she got the soap and raved about it - how long the scent lasts, how easy it is to use and how well it worked on her dog. We've been loyal users ever since!
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